Poor Chennaiyin FC paid price for their defensive blunders

Chennaiyin FC were defensively exposed by lethal counter attacking  FC Goa.

The match between Chennaiyin FC and FC Goa was held at Marina Arena, Chennai. Chennaiyin’s owner Abhishek Bachchan was present for this season first home match. Chennaiyin had their new manager under John Gregory and had a great hopes coming into this game.

On a night when Chennaiyin FC were expected to perform well in front of their home crowd, they were miserable and in the end they fell 2-3 to FC Goa. Here is the analysis of Chennaiyin FC

Pathetic First Half 

Both teams had a high hope coming into this game but the way chennaiyin played in the first half, it was all over. FC Goa was not so good but chennaiyin FC conceded all the three goals in space of 13 minutes. Goa made the most of chennaiyin’s vulnerability to counter attack. They were also helped by poor goalkeeping from Chennaiyin’s Karanjit Singh. To be frank Chennaiyin goalie Karanjit Singh playing like a street side goalie!!!

He was out of his position for all the three goals. Had he stayed in his position, his defense would have put their bodies on the line and could have avoided FC Goa’s second goal. The third goal he should have saved, he got a hand to it but still ball went past him across the goalline.

Decent second Half

In the second half, Chennaiyin started the match brightly. Chennaiyin pressured FC Goa that saw Jeje and Nelson hit the post twice in space of 2 minutes. Soon the pressured faded away and FC Goa was happy to sit back and defend. Chennaiyin had a good possession and controlled the game from the midfield.

Chennaiyin got the goal they want in the 70th minute through Calderon from a free kick. It was the mistake of Kattimani who failed to gather the ball and fumbled across the goaline.

Chennaiyin got the second goal in the 84th min from penalty scored by Raphael Augusto. Raphael was one of the stars of the night.

Where should chennaiyin need improvement?

Chennaiyin FC played worst football in the first half. To be honest, they were playing like a street side football team. There were no soft touch, no ball control and they failed to retreat when FC Goa countered. In-fact, it was the heavy touch from one of Chennaiyin FC player that gifted FC Goa’s first goal from Chennaiyin’s corner.

Karanjit Singh was better in the second half. There were occasional balls played at him which he collected in a decent manner from his position.

Manager John Gregory might be encouraged from his team’s fighting spirit in the second half but Chennaiyin was exposed frequently down the right wings in the first half. The players lacked stamina and energy while chasing the game in the second half. Though Chennaiyin scored two goals, they seemed like they lacked a striker in front of the goals.

The bottom line is when you are so poor and concedes three goal in quick succession that too in first half, there is no chance of comeback.


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